Thursday, 13 December 2012

Concrete Jungle...Big City

Where dreams are made up!!

Yeah okay, no.

SO the new contest is here, looks purty kewl :D It's all like Christmas in the city, that sorta thing. I give that the shonarose stamp of approval! Not a bad idea MSP, pretty original...for once. :D

You can't see the Magic, so whoopsie MSP, graphical error there ;)

The new clothes are alright. They look perfect for the new theme and contest, but they're not very me tbh. So I made myself look bizzy as a spotty bumble bee instead ^.^ I love the new hairstyle, and I love the new hair they make now, it looks way more realistic :D

Ehehe, that gets the stamp of approval too ;) SOOOOOE CEWWWWT

But something they've added is cute?

In fact, it's a little...creepy.

Just look.

Yeah...we blink.


Moving along swiftly, what else is new...ah yes, I finally changed my undies! :D

Yay hygiene. It'll be dirty by tomorrow though...

ANYWAY TMI. So I really want to give back to you guys for being AWSUM and do something special for Christmas, so here it is...

You can't really read that, but it's my newest artbook so find it there.

Basically, every day till Christmas, one random commenter will be picked from ANY of my movies to receive a Christmassy gift! Each day a star will disappear to reveal the prize and the winner! SO, get commenting :D

Okie dokie, think that's all. Au revoir mes petits chéris xx

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Sorry I've been gone for so long, school's been really busy so I didn't get time to come online.

But I'm back, just in time for Christmas! I returned to a whole new MSP yesterday I barely recognised it, so much has changed!

The layout, the wallpaper, the forums, the News page. I now have to complete all the new Awards, and I'm loving that I can get two free gifts everyday on my laptop and phone with the MSP Christmas Calendar and app! Whoopee!

I decorated my room with the new stuff and it looks GREAT! I so love freebies ;D I considered changing the wallpaper and carpet, but nah, this is a more pinky, luuuurvely Christmas ;)

Lately I've just been busy catching up on what I've missed. So many of my friends have levelled up so much, I'm so proud! ^.^ The Highscores has changed a lot, too. Where did MissM go? ;( I feel pretty bad for her, she's someone I admire and I really agree with her about shorties. They're fine really, I can't complain because I use them for quick cash, but I really wish we could just go back to success from good old-fashioned movies like hers!

Anyway, although it was the changes above that probably took the most time and thought from MSP staff, the biggest change was by far...



In other news, dalekdavin and I broke up, but that happened ages ago. I wasn't coming online and I'd got a boyfriend in real life so he called it off. That's all, I think he's dating some lucky lady waaaay outta my league, so congrats Dav, I wish noooothing but the beeeest fooooor youuuuu ;D

What else is there...oh yeah, I reached level 16!! WOOOOOO

I got a free submarine for the level up. Worth it.

I also decorated the blog :D I worked a while on it, it's so Christmassy! Hehe me gusta.

Also, today is the last time it will be 12.12.12 for a hundred years, awwww yeah. We had a countdown to 12 seconds past 12:12pm in History today XD

Anyways, I think that's everything. I've made a movie for the new contest, something to do with a spooky Christmas. It's called 'Bah Humbug' so please watch it, rate it five stars, comment, I'll love you forever, blah de blah :p

Have a wonderful Christmas. I'll be writing again before then, but there are some things you should look out for soon on my profile...

- A Christmas Party!
- The Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways (ooooooh (starting tomorrow (brackets within brackets ermagurd)))

So yeah. Love you all, biyeeee!

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Autumn Updates & almost topless girl glitch!? LOL

So summer is over, autumn is here, and so is the new MSP contest!

I really like it. It's the first in a while that has normal, everyday clothes in lol, but I like it either way. I think the new boys hairstyle is also pretty hot, so that's a win ^-^

I'm in love with the new jacket and boots, and I wasn't sure if I should go for a kind of sandy, urban look. I ended up going with a kind of Parisian city look.

By the way, did I mention my pet is fully grown? YAY! I love it. Lots of people have been asking if I used diamonds to grow it because I was one of the first to get it full sized, but no, I just used good, old fashion hamburgers, twice a day! :D I wouldn't use diamonds really, just be patient, you could spend that money on something a lot more worthwhile and permanent.

So I made my movie entry for this comp, and I have to say, I think it may just be my most romantic yet! And if you've watched my movies before, you'll know I'm TOTALLY unoriginal with my cheesy love stories, there's always one somewhere in my movies! Ah well, it's what you kids seem to enjoy ;)

So please watch that, it's called "Golden Leaves, Golden Love". I know, very poetic lol. REPETITION FTW.

Also, earlier today i reached level 15. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY EHMAHGAWD FANK OO FANK OO FANK OO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was thoroughly annoying and difficult to read. Should be enough unintelligibleness for this post. Or not. Who knows. I don't. asdfghjkl.

But seriously, level 15 is a huuuuuge number! So thanks sooo much, you guys are amazing. Just listen, and enjoy...

Lol, it had to be done XD

Lots of updates were made to MSP, so I'll go over all of them ;)

Leveling Up Rewards!

I levelled up just on time, because the site was updated again on Thursday, so you now get to choose between three gifts each time you level up! I didn't have the best of choices - a table, scarf and plant - but ah well.

I think the gifts are a nice idea, I always did think we should get a reward for leveling up, but to be honest it's not really very special. Personally, I think we should get a choice between limited edition items, ones we can't get anywhere else, like when you get 1000 recycle points. That, or get some money and fame; the higher the level you are, the more you get.

Homepage changes!

Along with the updates, on the homepage, before you sign in the slideshow that shows all the different aspects of MSP has changed. I like the new pics, but I have some questions about them.

Firstly, there's this. It looks really nice, and it represents the creativity side of MSP well...but I started to think they'd added some new decoration for artbooks, like a bunny and a penguin, but they haven't, they're all just items -.- They did add a couple of new frames, but I think they're just VIP ones. They look nice, though.

Then there's this slide:

Again, looks really nice, but I swear I've never seen that background before! Or am I just being thick? It looks really cute though, if it's not a background already, it should be. Maybe it's for a future contest, I don't know. Maybe we got a sneak peek of a new design!

And then there's this, which made me LOL and a little pleasantly confused at first:

It must be some kind of weird glitch because half her top is missing lol! See it for yourself, go to the homepage then wait for about the fourth or fifth image I guess. See it whilst you can, cuz' I would've thought the staff will realise soon and sort it out XD unless it's intentional, in which case...wha?

Oh wait, and also, WHAT PET IS THAT BUNNY? I don't recognise it.

New buttons!

Speaking of pets, on the Pets section of MSP a new button has been added. It just leads you to the same page as the one in the bottom right, it's only there to promote the magazine.

New chatroom and video tingz!

And the thing lots of people are excited about is the addition of a new chatroom. The Cinema! It looks really nice, they basically have YouTube videos playing on shuffle. I can see they made it so you can watch videos with your friends, it seems more fun, but idk, I'd prefer it if we could all take turns picking a video to play or something.

And speaking of YouTube videos, you can now minimize a video and have it playing somewhere on your screen while you play. Nice idea I think.

New missions!

Remember when you first made your account and there were all those missions you had to do, like add a friend, buy an item, that sort of thing. Well there are some new ones now, which EVERYONE is doing!

Everyone is inviting people to their rooms and begging them to come over to complete one mission, giving out autos and asking for them back. It's fun ^-^ but lots of people have been asking me to come over which is fine and I will if you remind me, but some people have gone 'I have something to show you' or things like that.

Guuurl, I aym nawt stoopid. I had the same missions as you lol I know what you're doing! It's fine, just message me and invite me over, and I will come. Okay?
But then there is the most annoying one yet...

Special Greetings -.-

So now MSP has conjured up another fantastic way to waste real life money online. You can spend 15 diamonds on something called a Special Greeting, which you can send to somebody so you'll both receive 500sc, 2000 fame and a gift.

I can see MSP was just looking for nice ways for us to make them more money, and their heart was in the right place on this one, but oh Lord.

They've caused a bit of chaos on MSP, because everybody keeps asking for them.

If I was to buy you a Special Greeting, I would be spending my own, real money on you. I'm sorry, but I don't really know you that well. I wouldn't spend my own money on my brother :/ So I won't buy anybody any Special Greetings.

This goes for everything that costs diamonds. I don't like to spend my diamonds on anyone other than my best friends.

But I did receive a Special Greeting from x_angel_girl_x which was SUPER nice of her, she shouldn't have done ;) thanks very much for that.

I would rather you didn't spend your diamonds of giving me Special Greetings though, please. It's a lovely gesture, but if you want to find someone to spend your diamonds on, spend them on somebody who has no diamonds, or isn't a VIP.

BUT only buy it for them if they don't ask for it and don't expect it! It's much nicer that way. If they ask, they're rude, unfriend them, block them, ignore them...okay just kidding XD but that's pretty rude.

Oh, also, they have new smilies that you can spend diamonds on :/ yippee.

Okay, that's all the updates I do believe!

By the way, I meant to show this to you like last month lol, I took a screenshot because it's so amazing. All nines!

Wow, not everyday you see that many nines O.o I'd be creeped out if they were sixes though lol.

Also, my brother (alasdairwebb) and I are getting more into imvu so I spent £15 to get 40,000 credits. IMVU annoys me just like diamonds do: there is no way to get them other than spend real money. But I got fed up seeing so much nice stuff on IMVU so I have money now, yay. Pleaaase add me or join IMVU if you ahven't already, I need friends on there ^-^

Anyways, I think that's everything. Okie dokie, biyeeeeeeeee!

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lights, Camera...

What a rubbish title. You saw it coming, I know you did.

Because the new contest is Lights, Camera, Action!

It seems fine, I just guess I've been pretty unlucky with contests lately, because once again, like with the Pets World comp, I have already made a movie about this.

And you all voted for the best look on the Monster Academy contest, Look A won, but guess what? Despite the fact Monster Academy may well be my fave contest so far, I got unlucky again, because I sat up till 11pm and went to enter my look...then I realised I'd entered it for Lights, Camera, Action, and by then it was too late to enter my movie.

So yeah. Smart.

But oh well, I made an entry for Lights, Camera, Action so please watch it, it's called 'The Magic that Happens Behind the Camera', little long I know so I'll shorten it for my status'.

Also, my magazine pet is fully grown. I adore it, it's definitely my favourite pet ever, if only it could be a little more original and not the pet EVERYBODY is walking around with XD oh well, at least the magazine's doing well.

Speaking of which, those who bought the magazine or saw the video on MSP will know there is a contest to design an outfit, and the winner gets 10,000sc and their outfit made into real clothes. I'll try to enter this, and when I do I'll upload a pic here.

There's also a contest for everyone who buys the magazine and enters their code:

So basically, everyone who enters their code in will go in a draw, and three people will be picked to receive 100 diamonds. At first I thought it said 100sc and I was like 'Seriously, MSP!? I already thought you were cheap after you made us pay 15 diamonds just to make our profile pink for a week, but this is pushing it!' then I realised it was DIAMONDS and was look...


That's cool. XD

ANOTHER shoutout to my lovely sis (not in real life, just MSP) blue-cherry97, go add her she's super nice. That's the last shoutout I'm doing for ya, so you better be happy ;) and I will not accept requests to give shoutouts to anyone else, I choose what I post about, okay!? Okay.

Saving the best news till last, as many of you have noticed, I am now dating dalekdavin. Dav's a wonderful guy and I hope so happy and lucky to be in a relationship with him, so, love you lots like jelly tots Dav <3 ;3 (although I'm actually not a huge fan of jelly you like Milkyway's then, they're the best ;D)

Okie dokie, that's all. Au revoir!

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Help me decide!

I've had a lot of good feedback on all the looks I made of the Monster Academy clothes, so I can't decide which to enter! Choose between Look A, B, C or D and vote which you think is best on the poll on the left! Please vote, I need your help!

So which is your favourite? Please vote in the poll on the left, and the one with the most votes by Friday 11pm wins!

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Help is at hand!

Those who are observant and visit my blog regularly may have noticed that some buttons have appeared underneath my banner...(which is new btw and was made for me by jessieloverx so thanks very much!)

Basically, I'm adding pages to my blog. This isn't just a blog anymore, this will be an Everything-About-MSP website!

When I first joined MSP, a lot of things confused me, and I needed answers, but had nobody to ask. I've found the answers myself now, and I get lots of questions from people today. So, I thought I'd add pages to my website on lots of different topics to help you out.

Questions like, 'how do I give my pet accessories? How do I become a judge or jury? What are some nice Non-VIP outfits?' Will all be answered here. The pages are still in development but in the end I intend to have a page where you contact me for help, see lots of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about pets, learn some nice ways to decorate your room, see some low-budget Non-VIP outfits, find some tips on making money and fame and learn all you need to know about being a VIP.

So I hope these new pages will help, please send your friends here when they ask you questions because they will hopefully find all the answers they need right here :)

I do what I can to help you guys out, so I hope it does help, good luck!

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

MSP Mag and Back to School!

So yesterday I was helping my brother log into MSP when I was intrigued by this new icon in the corner...

So when you click it, this comes up:

It's true, there is now an MSP magazine! FINALLY, something I can buy from MSP in a physical form! Other than the bill for my VIP, ehehe...hopefully this is the start of MSP merchandise! Soon there'll be books, toys, the lot! I've even checked on Amazon and found there's a Guide to MSP book which comes out on October 1st. MSP's hitting the high street!

Anyway, the magazine is really cool. It's mostly aimed at attracting more new people to MSP, but it still has lots of tips and information which I think many of you would find useful. It has a set of models and clothes so you can make your own MSP fashion show, a poster and fifty stickers.

Also, there's the real reason everyone's been buying the mag -.- you get a code to receive a cute pet and 1000 starcoins.

Everyone keeps asking people for the code, but there is no one code. Everyone gets a different code, and that code can only be used once, it says so when you type the code in. Okay?

The pet is so great, I love it. I named mine Roxella XD these are the four stages of it:

Awesome, right? May just be my new favourite pet :D I even got an outfit to match it with the Last Chance dress XD

So I think at the minute they're testing the mag to see what response they get, but complete the survey online at so they know it's amazing and will make the next copy!

Also there is a new contest. It's called 'Monster Academy', it kinda reminds me of Monster High, Bratzillas and the Cartoon Network Casper the Friendly Ghost show, but it's awesome!

I'd hoped for a Back to School themed contest, but this was better than I expected! I LOVE it! It's great for boys and girls, it's got some really cute new clothes, loads of awesome animations, and it's just overall AMAZING! Here's my fave new outfit:


So I'm gonna work on my entry for Monster Academy over the weekend, I hope you'll all enjoy it :)

I didn't end up entering the Pets World or whatever it was called contest, I just couldn't be bothered really lol. But for some reason my Splashmania entry now has almost six hundred views, which is amazing! You guys have been busy whilst I was at school!

So thanks very very very much, quick shoutout to my friend blue-cherry97. I will talk soon ^-^

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx


There are actually four stages to the MSP mag pet, not three like I originally thought. I have updated the image so it now shows all four stages ^-^